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As a regional leader of quality essences, we supply a wide range of flavours to all major beverage, ice cream, baking and confectionery manufacturing companies and an assortment of fragrances for household and personal care to local and regional manufacturing companies.

We currently serve over 60% of the local Jamaican market and have the largest range of flavours.



As a regional leader in value-added ingredients we have an extensive and diverse portfolio of flavours to “tease the senses” to help our clients create amazing products for their consumers.

We supply quality flavours for beverage, baking, confectionary and ice cream manufacturers across the Caribbean providing innovative solutions that allow them to create the products consumers know and love.

Our flavours are of the highest quality and we are the creator of many of Jamaica’s still and carbonated drinks that are enjoyed both locally and internally.


We have a wide portfolio of fragrances to create sensorial experiences within the home and personal care and health and wellness markets.

Providing quality fragrances for household needs including: laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dishwashing liquids, and cleaners.

Always innovating and adapting to market trends, CFF recently added to its portfolio, hand sanitizer’s to fulfil this growing need for our clients and their customers.



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