Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances (CFF) commits to achieving sustainable development outcomes through the full integration of policies and procedures governing social and environmental responsibility. From an environmental vantage point, CFF has in place a fully functional waste management regime that enforces proper waste and garbage disposal paired with adequate signage throughout the establishment.

CFF can proudly boast its accolades of Safe Quality Food (SQF) edition 8 and National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) certifications. We believe wholeheartedly in energy management and conservation, as such parts of our production system currently functions by way of solar mechanization. We are well equipped with novel technology that treats our water by way of reverse osmosis especially that which is used in our production areas. In addition our taps are equipped with flow controllers to control the pressure of on our water outlets. We believe in the efficient use of our resources and we always seek to generate environmentally friendly bi-products. Hence it is our mandate to ensure that conservation is key in enabling sustainability.

Being good stewards our reach spans widely within the Water House community and within the corporate landscape as we endeavour to engender success through our different undertakings. We proudly support the Melbourne Cricket summer camp programmes as well as various community clubs in and around the Water House area. CFF is keen on health and wellness and makes an effort to participate in various corporate runs and walks. We at CFF are a dynamic and formidable force, we are optimistic and dedicated in lending support through sustainability and Nation building.