Regional sales boost profits for Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances

At year end June 2016, Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances (CFF) Ltd reported earnings of 82 cents per share compared to the 64 cents per share reported in 2015.

Net profit of $74.1 million was $16.4 million more or a 28.42 per cent increase over the $57.7 million reported in 2015. CFF makes flavours for the food, beverage, baking, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries, as well as water-soluble food colouring. It also manufactures and supplies fragrances for household cleaning, cosmetics, deodorants, soaps, haircare and bath products.

The company posted revenue during the year of $362.5 million which was $55.7 million or 18.16 per cent more than the $306.8 million reported for the 2015 financial year.

From: The Jamaica Observer Septmeber 02, 2016

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Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances Ltd. prides itself in being one of the largest business of its kind in the Caribbean.

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Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances Limited is dedicated to providing its customers with Flavours and Fragrances of the highest Quality and Functionality. We will maintain consistency in our batches through Internal and External Quality Systems. We Endeavour to ensure that our customers, our employees and all our stakeholders are satisfied by our daily efforts to “TEASE THE SENSES